What It Is

WWW.JUSTLEFTTHECLOSET.COM is a new social network for LGBT youth and their friends. A place where members can meet, chat, offer support and tell their stories whilst only revealing their true identities if they want to. Whether they’re still in, shyly emerging or proudly out, this can be a starting point for their journey. A ‘room’ they can enter where everyone else is just like them. And it looks pretty cool too...

Who We Are

Jeremy, 22 (Little MonsterTM) and Tomo, 40 (dad of two): Both based in New York but from Oregon and England respectively. Jeremy had to deal with his own coming out only a few years ago and knows what a valuable resource justleftthecloset would have been during that time. Tomo has spent his career in the fashion industry working variously as a magazine editor, producer and photographer. With more and more reports of gay bullying emerging in the news, Jeremy and Tomo both feel very strongly about wanting to help. They believe that a safe, fun online community - where kids can feel they have a unified voice and a position of strength - is needed now more than ever.

Our Audience

We want to create an even playing field for all LGBT kids aged 13 and up, whether they live in the heart of the city or twenty miles from their nearest neighbor. They all need friends and they all want to have fun. There are thousands of others out there just like them, and justleftthecloset will connect them in an entirely new way. It will enable them to easily interact with each other from the safety and anonymity of their computers, at their own pace and with no outside pressure.

Our Aim

It may sound high-falutin’ but if we can make one person’s life easier, we will consider justleftthecloset a success. Beyond that, we really believe that if we can get our message heard by enough people it could be the start of something bigger, where members can take control of their own lives and start to have a proud, collective voice of their own.